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AF Coating Machine

AF Coating Machine


The anti-fingerprint coating machine (AF coating machine) is also called hydrophobic film or anti-fingerprint metallizing equipment, is to deposit the organic fluoride material on the substrate by using the vacuum coating technology and make the surface of the substrate waterproof, oil proof, anti-fingerprint, antifouling, etc.


1. The contact angle, abrasion resistant and environmental aging all reached the best domestic standard.
2. The anti-fingerprint coating machine utilize the human machine interface touch screen PLC and automatic crystal oscillator film thickness gauge to constitute the full-automatic control system, which can achieve the function of parameters input, process monitoring and data storage.
3. The techniques process can be set and performed automatically, to improve the performance stability extraordinary and solve the problems like complexity of the manual operation, color of the coating and performance difference.


The anti-fingerprint coating machine is mainly applied in the glass or plastic surface of the touch screen of the mobile phone, computer, digital cameral, etc.
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