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Evaporation Vacuum Coating & Metallizing Machine (Box type & Rolling type Coater/Metallizer)


Evaporation vacuum coating machine makes use of resistance heating in the vacuum chamber, which aims to melt and vaporize the metal plating material. Then the vaporized metal molecule deposits on the substrates to gain smooth metal film with high reflectivity, helping to decorate and beautify the surface of items.


Evaporation vacuum coating machine features reasonable structure, even film, good-quality film forming, quick pumping speed, short cycle, high efficiency, easy operation, low energy consumption and stable performance.


Evaporation vacuum coating machine is widely used in automotive, audio, various small appliances, computers, clocks, watches, toys, cell phones, reflective cup, cosmetics, tableware, sanitary ware, shoe heel, etc.
Processing material: plastic (ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, PET), nylon, metal, glass, glassware, ceramics, TPU, etc.
Processing effects: electroplated bright finish, matte finish (semi matte, all matte), electroplating process of wrinkles, lampworking, and raindrops
Coating color: gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, multi, and seven colors