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Induction-heating Rolling Coating & Metallizing Machine (Coater/Metallizer)


Induction-heating roller coating machine is applied in the rolling-type vacuum metallizing machine. The process of vacuum metallizer equipment is that putting crucible with aluminum ingot in the center of spiral coil (non-contact), then passing through high-frequency current in the coil to make aluminum ingots produce current, rising temperature until evaporation.


Induction-heating roller coating machine is applied in gold or silver plating.


1. All kinds of crucible coil can be adjusted separately in order to distribute vacuum coating film uniformly.
2. Evaporation speed is fast, so film and wire deviation, wire stuck and block wire fault would not exist. And the filigree yields of thickness distribute evenly to avoid burning of plastic. The quality of coating is more excellent, the phenomenon of the pin hole is less.
3. The evaporation rate of induction-heating roller coating machine is large. It is about 10 times larger than resistance heat source of evaporation boat.
4. In contrast with resistance heating coating, the distinguishing feature of vacuum metallizer equipment is that aluminum block could be enough dissolution and degassing, then form into the stable molten pool and eliminate the sudden sputtering of big droplet.
5. Evaporation source is filled with charge materials. The operation is simple and the temperature is easy to control. The source has much less strict requirements for purity aluminum ingots.


Model GM1100-1 GM1300-1 GM1600-1 GM2100-1 GM2500-1
Maximum 1100 mm 1300 mm 1600 mm 2100 mm 2500 mm
Maximum rolling Diameter Φ800 to 1000 mm
Graphite Crucible 4 6 8 11 13
Evaporation Pressure 4×10-2Pa
Water Consumption(m3/h) 20 25 30 35 40
Average power Consumption (kW) 230 250 280 330 380
Metallised materials (μm) PET: 8-50 to 150 CPP: 15 to 100 BOPP/PVC: 15 to 60
Maximum Rolling Speed 600 m/min to 720 m/min
Annual Output (ton) 2000 2500 3300 4000 4800