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Rolling-type Aluminum Coating & Metallizing Machine (Coater/Metallizer)


Rolling-type aluminum coating machine is the earliest and most commonly used kind of evaporation vacuum coating machine. This vacuum metallizer equipment integrates vacuum technique, refrigeration technique, mechanical transmission technique and control technique, leading to stable quality, excellent production efficiency and easy operation.


Rolling-type aluminum coating machine is applied in various plastic film (PET, BOPP, CPP, PVC) and special processing paper that surface with metallization treatment. And it is widely used in decoration, printing, spinning, food, cigarettes, Anti-counterfeiting, reflective packaging, clothing, etc.


Rolling-type aluminum coating machine features high manufacturing accuracy, stable operation, fast wending speed and quick evaporation rate. The overall system by optimum design assures low energy, high efficiency and higher economic benefits for users.


1. Rolling-type aluminum coating machine consists of vacuum chamber, frame, winding system, vacuum system, vaporization system, refrigeration and heating system, frozen air exhaust system and electrical control system.
2. Winding and unwinding, full-automatic and semi-automatic tension control system assures evaporation without plating, wire and wrinkle.
3. Equipped with quick vacuum system, the vacuum coater will achieve quick pumping speed, large gas displacement and high vacuum degree.
4. Rolling-type aluminum coating machine adopts human-computer interface and PLC control, which ensures complete functions, clear and lovely interface.
5. The process of vacuum is controlled by manual or automatic operation. The vacuum chamber is divided into winding room and evaporation room with independent system.
6 All kinds of operation and parameter setting can reflected in the touch screen which reduce the complicate operation panel, and makes operation and controls easier, accuracy and fluency as well as humanization.