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Rolling-type Magnetron Sputtering Coating & Metallizing Machine (Coater/Metallizer)

Rolling-type Magnetron Sputtering Coating & Metallizing Machine (Coater/Metallizer)


The magnetron sputtering rolling coating equipment (vacuum metallizer machine) is mainly used in the plastic film substrate coated solar control film, Low-E film, ITO transparent conductive film, reflective film, functional layers, etc.


Magnetron sputtering rolling coating equipment is mainly use front windscreen in car, train, ship, doors, windows, curtain film, anti-static and electromagnetic film, decorative film, packaging film, solar greenhouse film, electric heater film, anti-frost and fog transparent film, LCD display and electroluminescent display with transparent electrode film.


1. The operation is simple and convenient.
2. The adhesive power is stronger.
3. The uniformity of film is superior.
4. The layer of film is delicate and flat


Model JM800 JM1350-1 JM1800-1 JM3000-1
Maximum 800 mm 1350 mm 1600 mm 3500 mm
Maximum Rolling Diameter Φ500 mm
The Dimension of Vacuum Chamber Φ1180 × 1050 mm Φ2000 × 1800 mm Φ2000 × 2500 mm Φ2200 × 3600 mm
Evaporation Pressure 4 ×10-2Pa
Water Consumption(m3/h) 20 35 40 50
Average Power Consumption (kW) 60 140 180 260
Metallised Materials PET: 25 to 150μm, CPP: 20 to 150μm, BOPP: 18 to 150μm
Vacuum System Diffusion pump + Roots pump +Mechanical pump+ Maintaining pump
Maximum Rolling Speed 5 m to 30 m/min
Way of Control Manual+ Automatic/Touch Screen + PLC
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