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Square Rolling Aluminum Coating Machine

Square Rolling Aluminum Coating Machine


Square rolling aluminum coating machine adopts computerized control system to achieve remote control system based on internet, and two monitor graphics display system assure overall control operation.


Square rolling aluminum coating machine is widely used in film metalizing (PET, CPP, BOPP, PET), tobacco package paper, hologram, hot stamping materials, and high-grade print package metalizing.


1. The roll of film without scratches is available by use of German angle adjustable expanding roller, air inflation technology and resistance-free guiding roller technique.
2. The tension roller is designed to be cooling roll, which guarantees films cooled better.
4. Drum coating reaching to -20℃ can cooling the heating systems to prevent film thermal damage.
3 Square rolling aluminum coating machine uses four electric motors drive technology to assure high availability, reliability and extreme speed.
4. Maximum winding speed can reach to 800 m/min, which greatly increases the production efficiency.
5. Optional multi-channel non-contact thickness measurement system measures film sheet resistance and optical density, providing accurate analysis for product quality control.
6. Vacuum system can be configured according to user's needs and provide corresponding imports of equipment, such as POLYCOLD cold trap, LEYBOLD proliferation of wells pump lights.


Model PM1300/F PM1750/F PM2050-II/F PM2500-II/F PM3000-II/F
Maximum 1300 mm 1750 mm 2050 mm 2500 mm 3000 mm
Maximum Rolling Diameter Φ800 to 1200 mm
Number of Evaporation Boats 14 19 22 27 32
Working Pressure 4×10-2Pa
Water Consumption(m3/h) 20 25 35 40 45
Average Power Consumption (kW) 180 260 260 300 350
Metallised Materials PET: 10 to 50μm, CPP: 20 to 60μm, BOPP: 18 to 60μm
Maximum Rolling Speed 600 m/min or 800 m/min
Annual Output (ton) 2500 3200 4000 3800 4500
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