Product List

Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine

The auto evaporation vacuum coating machine is especially designed for coating reflective lamp shade. The 10.4 inches touch screen and PLC make up the fully automatic controlling system. The Aluminum coating and protective coating can be done in a time to avoid contamination. After coating the lampshade will be acid proof, alkali proof, water-proof and haloduric. The products resist corrosion with nanotechnology.


Chamber Size
1800 × 1950
Coating Film Type
Aluminum film
Supply Type
Heating tungsten by resistance, transformer supply,
high voltage ion bombardment supply, controllable silicon supply
Vacuum Chamber Stature
vertical double door, pumping system
Vacuum System
Slide valve pump, roots pump, diffusion pump
and maintaining pump (optical: deep cold pump, deep cold system)
Protective Film Gas
Separated gas tank AK, BK, CK
Inflation System
Three ways electric magnetic valves (input)
High Voltage Bombardment System
13KVA 3000V
Untimate Vacuum
<9.0X10-4Pa(Unloaded and Clean)
Pumping Time
From atmosphere to 5X10-3Pa less than 6 mins
6/8/9 shafts rotation and revolution/ stepless speed regulation of frequency conversion
Controlling Way
Manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic / touching screen & PLC
Can be designed and made according to customers' requirement

Optical Lens Vacuum Metallizing Equipment

  • Manufactures vacuum components and pulsed laser deposition systems.
  • High vacuum precision optics coating systems. Vacuum coating systems for molded parts.
  • Optical lab machinery and equipment for the production of ophthalmic lenses.
  • Optical Lens Vacuum Metallizer

  • Providing optical design, lens design, optical engineering and consulting services.
  • Electrical and optical ceramic-to-metal seal components for high and ultrahigh vacuum corrosive and cryogenic applications.
  • OEM and prototype custom vacuum brazing. Areas of expertise include hermetic feedthroughs, radiation and optical windows, and electrical stand-offs. Materials brazed: Alumina, zirconia, Sapphire, Titanium, Beryllium, SST, and Copper.
  • AR Vacuum Coating and Metallizing Machine

  • Provide thin film sputtering services .
  • ISO certified manufacturer and exporter of capacitor production BOPP films, metalized machines, and high vacuum coating liants.
  • Offers vacuum hard coating for tool and die, aerospace, machine building, medical, electronics, and automotive industries, including coatings, research facility, test labs, and applications engineering support.
  • AR Vacuum Coating and Metallizing Equipment

  • Provide thin film sputtering services .
  • Glass fabrication, cutting, drilling, general machining of glass ceramics, silica and vacuum work, silvering, glass to metal seals, vacuum coating, sandblasting, and glass repairs.
  • Manufacturer of sputtering targets, evaporation materials, and specialty alloys for industrial research and development.
  • Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine