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Evaporation Vacuum Metallizing Equipment

Evaporation vacuum metalizing equipment is designed to produce decorative coatings by thermal resistance evaporation. These machines are designed for a production environment with rapid pump down times and industrial grade power supplies. Other options include computer control, ion cleaning and activation, online coating thickness measurement, refrigeration pumps, as well as various styles of rotating material holders.


Chamber Size
Film Type
Semi-transparent film, golden, silver, red, red blue, green, grey, black and multi-colors
Supply Type
Tungsten heated by resistance, evaporation transformer source, high voltage ion bombardment source, controllable silicon supply
Vocuum Chamber
Vertical double door/ single door, horizontal single door, pumping system
Vacuum System
slide valve pump & roots pump & diffusion pump & maintaining pump (optical: molecule pump, deep cold pump and deep cold system)
Untimate Vacuum
8×10-4Pa (Unloaded and Clean)
Pumping Time
From atmosphere to 5×10-2Pa less than 6 mins
6/8/9 shafts and revolution/stepless speed regulation of frequency conversion
Controlling Way
manual & semi automatic & fully automatic / PLC & touch screen
can be designed and made according to customers' request

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