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Plastic Vacuum Coating Machine

Plastic vacuum coating machine is the ideal equipment to gain the decorative films of plastic with perfect quality at cost. It is widely used in plastic(ABS,PS,PP,PC,PVC),nylon, ceramics, resin, glass field, like toy ,ornaments, craftwork, mobile shells, electronics products, lamps, cosmetic. The patented work rest rotates steadily,6 shafts,8 shafts and 9 shafts are available . It has the advantage of big capacity and high of good finished products.

Technical Parameters

Chamber Size
Source Options
Resistance wire, resistance boat
Chamber options
Vertical double door/ single door, horizontal single door, pumping system
Vacuum Pump
slide valve pump & roots pump & diffusion pump & maintaining pump(optical: molecule pump, deep cold pump and deep cold system)
Untimate Vacuum
8X10-4Pa(Unloaded and Clean)
Pumping Time
From atmosphere to 5X10-2Pa less than 6 mins
6/8/9 shafts and revolution/stepless speed regulation of frequency conversion
Controlling Way
manual & semi automatic & fully automatic / PLC & touch screen
can be designed and made according to customers' request

CPP Film Vacuum Coating and Metallizing Equipment

  • Provide thin film sputtering services .
  • Supplies static sputtering systems used to manufacture thin film disks for computer hard disk drives. (Nasdaq: IVAC).
  • Taiwan. Manufacturers of vacuum metallized, coated, precision slit and twisted metallic yarns, from polyester film. Also, transferable foil and glitter. Technical information and specifications.
  • CPP Film Vacuum Coater and Metallizer

  • France. Metallizers, coaters and processors of polymer films for a range of industrial and technical applications. Precision slit industrial yarn and threads for weaving, knitting and sewing. Multi-lingual site.
  • Manufactures wire-wound, threaded, and formed rods for machines used by coaters and converters of paper, paperboard, plastic film, metal foils, and woven and non-woven textiles. Product and application details.
  • Metal roof repair services.
  • CPP Film Vacuum Coating Machine

  • Discussion forum about thin films and coatings technology based in vacuum surface treatments (plasma treatment, PVD and CVD coating technology).
  • ISO certified manufacturer and exporter of capacitor production BOPP films, metalized machines, and high vacuum coating liants.
  • Provide thin film sputtering services .
  • CPP Film Vacuum Coating Equipment

  • Manufacturer of equipment for thin-film vacuum coatings. Also refurbishing, upgrading, and retrofitting existing systems. Massachusetts.
  • Manufacturer of systems for thin film deposition, vacuum ovens, test chambers and other high and ultra high vacuum related equipment. Israel.
  • Discussion forum about thin films and coatings technology based in vacuum surface treatments (plasma treatment, PVD and CVD coating technology).
  • Plastic Vacuum Coating Machine