Product List

Rolling Vacuum Coating Equipment

Rolling vacuum coating equipment is applied to poluester film ,such as coil surface metallization, all kinds of packing materials, reflective materials, heat insulation materials, labels, etc; the equipment can be made shielding film and color film.

Technical Parameters

chamber size
Rolling width
Max roll diameter
Roll core diameter
3'(φ80mm),6'(φ150mm) each 3 pcs
evaporation coating material
Cu, Al, etc
base material
Melinex 8~25μm
Rolling speed
evaporation type
5 set lumbago crucible φ110
evaporation supply
30k VA/pcs, mid-frequency, total 5 sets
Ultimate press
better 8.0×10-4Pa
equipment size
The average power consumption
about 120kW

AR Coating and Metallizing Equipment

  • Specialized in the treatment of microporosity in porous metals which permits to reuse of defective or damaged metal parts.
  • Designs and manufactures Electro-Spark Deposition (ESD) equipment that provides metallurgically bonded coatings and deposits, with no heat affect on the substrate. Based in Cornelius, Oregon.
  • Canada. Supplies equipment for applying corrosion/friction/wear resistant coatings to range of metal parts and tooling. Site incorporates explanation of process, known as High Ionization Deposition (HID), and lists examples of coatings and applications.
  • AR Coater and Metallizer

  • Metal roof repair services.
  • France. Metallizers, coaters and processors of polymer films for a range of industrial and technical applications. Precision slit industrial yarn and threads for weaving, knitting and sewing. Multi-lingual site.
  • USA. Technical and professional trade organisation for the surface coating and finishing industry, active in knowledge transfer, education and training, and certification programs. Industry news and job postings. Links to related sites.
  • AR Coating Machine

  • A contract powder coating facility and manufacture of powder coating systems located in GA, US.
  • Canadian firm specializing in powder coating services. Site incorporates explanation of thermoplastic and thermoset coatings, range of applications, and advantages compared with painted finishes.
  • Powder coating with clear, conductive, ESD and anti graffiti coatings. In shop sand blasting services available. From California, US.
  • AR Coating Equipment

  • Manufacture of electrostatic powder coating equipment. From South Africa.
  • Engineers and applies industrial coatings and high performance engine coatings to improve performance and durability of equipment.
  • Manufacture industrial water and solvent based coatings. Applications include automotive, farm equipment, tank interiors, and railcars.
  • Rolling Vacuum Coating Equipment