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Vacuum Metallizing Machine

Reflector torch cup vacuum metallizing machine is the ideal equipment to gain the decorative films of plastic with perfect quality at low cost. Any color plastic substrate can be coated as brightly colors of golden, silver, multiply-color, purple, blue, gray, black and so on. It improves the grade of the products and makes it more elegant.


Vacuum metallizing machine is widely used in plastic (ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC), nylon, ceramics, resin, glass field, like toys, ornaments, craftwork, mobile shells, electronics products, lamps, cosmetic.

Technical Parameters

Chamber Size
Coating Film Type
semi-transparent film, golden, silver, red, blue, green, grey, black and multi-colors
Supply Type
tungsten heated by resistance, evaporation transformer source, high voltage ion bombardment source, controllable silicon supply
Vacuum Chamber
vertical double door / single door, horizontal single door, pumping system
Vacuum System
slide valve pump & roots pump & diffusion pump & maintaining pump (optional: molecular pump, deep cold pump, deep cold system)

AR Vacuum Metallizing Machine

  • Performing plasma etch pre-processing, base coating, and metal deposition onto any base substrate.
  • A powdered metal parts manufacturer, offering presses ranging in capacity from 12 to 150 tons. Production equipment includes complete vacuum impregnation systems, vibratory equipment, and grinders.
  • ISO certified manufacturer and exporter of capacitor production BOPP films, metalized machines, and high vacuum coating liants.
  • AR Vacuum Metallizing Equipment

  • US based (PA) manufacturer of vacuum pumps and equipment to companies in the metallizing, heat-treating and metals processing industries.
  • Manufacturer of standard and custom ceramic to metal and glass ceramic to metal vacuum feedthroughs, connectors, thermocouples, coaxial assemblies and isolators.
  • Glass fabrication, cutting, drilling, general machining of glass ceramics, silica and vacuum work, silvering, glass to metal seals, vacuum coating, sandblasting, and glass repairs.
  • AR Vacuum Metallizer

  • Designs, manufacture and support vacuum furnaces and electron beam welders for thermal treatment and metal joining processes.
  • Provide thin film sputtering services .
  • US based (PA) manufacturer of vacuum pumps and equipment to companies in the metallizing, heat-treating and metals processing industries.
  • AR Coating and Metallizing Machine

  • A contract powder coating facility and manufacture of powder coating systems located in GA, US.
  • Canadian firm specializing in powder coating services. Site incorporates explanation of thermoplastic and thermoset coatings, range of applications, and advantages compared with painted finishes.
  • Powder coating with clear, conductive, ESD and anti graffiti coatings. In shop sand blasting services available. From California, US.
  • Vacuum Metallizing Machine