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Film Roll to Roll Vacuum Metallizing Machine (Crucible Type)

Film Roll to Roll Vacuum Metalizing Machine (crucible type) also named Induction Heating vacuum metalizing machine, which is used to produce metallic yarn, packaging film, hot stamping foil etc by evaporating and deposition aluminum, nickle on plastic film.
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Crucible type vacuum metallizer machine adopt newly roll to roll winding technology with the MF induction heating technology to service for textile industry, decorative industry, packaging industry.


Metallize PET film for metallic yarn, gold or silver yarn wire, hot stamping foil, packaging film etc.


1. Better uniformity, extremely least amount pinhole, no sputtering, best fastness of coating layer.

2. All crucible coil can be adjusted separately for better metallizing uniformly.

3. Equips big power pump group and Polycold, suitable for any environment.

4. Siemens PLC and CPU, Siemens motor and inverter controlling system for variable frequency consistent tension winding.

5. Evaporation speed is fast and adjustable, filigree yields of thickness distribute evenly to avoid burning of plastic.

6. MF IGBT induction heating ensures winding speed up to 8-11m/s. Aluminum block could be enough dissolution and degassing, then form into the stable molten pool and eliminate the sudden sputtering of big droplet. The source has much less strict requirements for aluminum ingots purity.


Model GM1100 GM1300 GM1650 GM2050 GM2500
Maximum width 1100 mm 1300 mm 1650 mm 2050 mm 2500 mm
Maximum rolling Diameter Φ800 to 1000 mm
Graphite Crucible 7 9 11 13 16
Evaporation Pressure 4×10-2Pa
Water Circulation(m3/h) 35 40 45 50 60
Average power Consumption (kW) 170 200 240 280 330
Metallised materials (μm) PET: 10-35
Maximum Rolling Speed 600 m/min to 720 m/min
Annual Output (ton) 2000 2500 3500 4500 5500