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Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Machine (Vertical Type)

Magnetron sputtering PVD vacuum coating machine(vertical type), equips molecule pump to ensure the best performance and best non-oil vacuum area for metalizing, the fixture system adopts Revolution and Rotation two types to ensure biggest place under sputtering and uniformoty. this mahine its coating layer tightless is the best in industry. many reseraching base and univercity select this machine to produce high precision components, also used for all kind of hardware or decrative products like bangles etc.
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Magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine is divided into vertical type and horizontal type. this kind of vacuum coating machine adopts renovation and rotation two types rotating system to guarantee uniformity of the substrate. The basic distance of target is adjustable.


magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine(vertical type) is widely used for aerospace industry, researching base, univercity and company reseraching for higher precision components, also sor decorative pieces of plastic like bangles, metal pieces (watches, mobile phone sasing, sanitary ware, car wheels, ect), glass or plastic lenses, tools, dies and other fields. Vacuum metallizer is mainly used for sputtering metal, non-metallic material or alloy materials.


1. The adhesion of film layer is stronger.
2. The density of film layer is superior.
3. The repeatability of film layer is superior.


Model JS900-X/3 JS1500-X/3 JS2000-X/4
Vacuum Chamber The dimension of the vacuum chamber is confirmed according to the configuration. It uses stainless steel material (including vacuum pipe)
Ultimate Vacuum 2 × 10-4 Pa
Recovery Vacuum 5.5 × 10-3<16 min
Vacuum System Direct connection pump/mechanical pump+ molecular pump/condensate pump
Way of Sputtering Sputtering from top to bottom/from bottom to top/from the side
Shape of Target Round shape target/Rectangular target
Power of Sputtering DC power+ RF power
Way of Baking iodine-wolfram lamp or tubular heater
Baking Temperature Normal 300℃, controllable and adjustable
Ion Bombardment 0 to 3kv,0 to 200mA
Work Piece Fixture Cylindrical/multi-lateral shape, revolution and rotation fixture, planetary , work piece holder, etc