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Optical Vacuum Coating Machine

optical vacuum coating machine/optical vacuum coater, specially designed to coating precision optical components. the manufactured product mainly applied for spectacles, sunglasses, eyeware, helmet, reflective glass, mobile lens, mobile shell, camera lens, mobile screen, telescope, watch etc.
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Optical vacuum coating machine applied to coating film on accurate optical element and higher accuracy optical communication product. the glass, polymer, plastic and ceramic all could be available substrate for coating, the machine owns ability to produce various products with the different technology for components, such as: 1. AR coating AF coating for mobile lens, camera lens, mobile screen, security lens, spectacles, microscope, telescope etc. 2. Anti-glare coating for sunglasses, eyewear, visor, goggle, helmet mask etc. 3. Cold light film for theater light, civil decorative lamp, illumination light etc.


AR coating, AF coating, AS coating, HR coating, IR coating, AG coating, ITO coating, laser film, metal film, cut-off film and other optical film.


1. Chamber The chamber is made of stainless steel, and its structure has been optimized for best allocation of components for easy operation. The state-of-the-art manufacturing guarantees the perfect evaporating and vacuum sealing. 2. Polycold system Polycold system used to shorten the vacuum time and increase vacuum degree for better coating performance. 3. Pumps The pump system sits on the back of machine which makes maintenance, disassembled and cleaned becomes more convenient. High efficient vacuum pump system guarantee the cycle time at any ultimate conditions. 4. Electric beam evaporation source The electric beam evaporator includes a high voltage power supply, an electric beam and the water-cooling crucible with cavities. The crucible could rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise, each cavity fill with different raw material, according various technology requirement, the cavity will auto rotate according the instruction send by controlling system, and make sure the workpiece could be showed different appearance.


Model ZZS-660B ZZS-1300B ZZS-1500B ZZS-2050B
Vacuum chamber Φ660 × 800 mm, 304 SS Φ1300×1500 mm,304 SS Φ1500×1600 mm,304 SS Φ2050×1650 mm, 304 SS
Workpiece Plate Φ600 mm Φ1200 mm Φ1400 mm Φ2000 mm
Vacuum System Mechanical pump + Roots pump + Mole pump Mechanical pump + Roots pump + Mole pump Mechanical pump +DP+ holding pump + Roots pump Mechanical pump + DP + holding pump + Roots pump
Heating Temp Tubular heater enclosure layout, the maximum temperature 350℃
Evaporation Source 1 EB gun, 6 kW, Type E 270℃ 2 EB gun, 6 kW, Type E 270℃ 2 EB gun, 8 kW, Type E 270℃ 2 EB gun, 10 kW, Type E 270℃
Optical Film Thickness Control Inficon-U.S.A SQC310 OR XTC/3 OR IC/6
Quartz Crystal Control Quratz sensor and feedback
Ion Source Kaufman or Hall source
Electrical Automatic Control PLC + HMI touch screen auto control method
Ultimate Vacuum 3 ×10-4Pa 3 ×10-4Pa 3 ×10-4Pa 3 ×10-4Pa
Recovery Vacuum Atms.to 4×10-3 Pa ≤15 min Atms. to4×10-3 Pa ≤15 min Atms. to 4×10-3 Pa ≤15 min Atms .to 4×10-3 Pa ≤15 min
Way of Control Manual + Automatic Manual + Automatic Manual + Automatic Manual + Automatic
Working Conditions
Dimension of the Equipment 1780(W) × 2700(D) × 2300(H)mm 2500(W) × 3100(D) × 2500(H)mm 2700(W) × 3500(D) × 2800(H)mm 3100(W) × 4000(D) × 3100(H)mm
Power Supply 3 phase, 380V; 50Hz,about 30kW 3 phase, 380V; 50Hz,about 70kW 3 phase, 380V; 50Hz,about 80kW 3 phase, 380V; 50Hz,about 100kW
Circulating Water Pressure 0.15 to 0.3MPa 0.15 to 0.4MPa 0.15 to 0.4MPa 0.15 to 0.45MPa
Compressed Air Pressure Above 0.5MPa Above 0.5MPa Above 0.5MPa Above 0.5MPa
Weight (kg) About 2500 kg About 5000 kg About 6500 kg About 10000 kg