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Packaging Film Vacuum Metallizer Machine(Evaporating Boat-Rectangular Type)

Rectangular type packaging film vacuum metallizer machine is widely used to aluminize PET, CPP, BOPP, PE PVC films and paper to make food packaging film, tobacco packaging paper, holographic film, hot stamping foil for food packaging industry, decorative packaging field, security packaging industry etc.
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Packaging film vacuum metallizer machine (rectangular type) is utilized to aluminize all kind of plastic film and special treatment paper for food packing industry and flexible packing industry, anti-counterfeit industry, decorating industry etc.


Metalize PET, CPP, BOPP, PE, PVC films and Paper to make food packaging film, flexible packaging film, tobacco packaging paper, anti-counterfeit packaging, hot stamping foil, and high-class print package material etc.


1. Evaporation boat adopt "stagger clamping” method, same group electrodes independently inlet & outlet of cooling water, greatly improves the cooling effect and ensure the evaporation performance and laid a good foundation for improving metallizing speed. 2. Stagger arrangement ensures good reliability, larger evaporation volume, better uniformity of metalizing. 3. According different user requirements to improve the main drum size, leaving more room for the layout of the winding system, ensuring better cooling and winding effect when metalizing. 4. In terms of cooling and heating system, adopts double compressor system, shortened the time back to the temperature, increase product output, reduce the power consumption, thus relatively increased profits for the user. 5. Inside the winding chamber, except for the evaporation shutter, all the connecting pipes adopt hard tube, which eliminates the phenomenon of pipe explosion caused by pressure too large and pipe aging when once adopt rubber connecting pipe. 6. Enlarge the size of cooling drum which greatly ensuring the metalizing quality. cooling temp reaching to -20℃ which max prevent film thermal damage. 7. Evaporation sidewall four sides use whole aluminum plate, make sure good uniformity and power saving, reducing phenomenon of striking a light. 8. OD system measures film coating layer thickness, providing accurate analysis for product quality control. 9. Four motors system assure high availability, reliability and extreme speed.


Model PM1300 PM1750 PM2050 PM2500 PM3000
Maximum width 1300 mm 1750 mm 2050 mm 2500 mm 3000 mm
Maximum Rolling Diameter Φ800 to 1200 mm
Number of Evaporation Boats 16 20 24 30 34
Working Pressure 8×10-2Pa
Water Circulation(m3/h) 30 40 45 45 50
Average Power Consumption (kW) 190 220 250 280 310
Metallised Materials PET: 10 to 40μm, CPP: 18 to 50μm, BOPP: 18 to 50μm
Maximum Rolling Speed 800 m/min
Annual Output (ton) 3000 5000 6500 8000 9500