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India Packaging Film Vacuum Metallizer Machine

Packaging film vacuum metalizing machine metallize many kind of materials such as PET, OPP, CPP film for anti-counterfeit materials, hot stamping foil and surface decoration plastic film, also for various of label, bottle label, brand, materials of warm-keeping and beam-reflecting papers, various of medium materials and so on.
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This vacuum metallizing machine integrates vacuum technical, cooling technical, mechanical, and controlling togethered, coposed of vacuum chamber, wind frame, winding system, evaporating system, cooling and heating system. owning the charactor if stability, reliable, higher efficiency etc. the most competitive prodcut in this industry.


1. Separately Al-wire feeding system
2. High vacuum pressure
3. Lower power consumption
4. Diversified technical
5. Siemens CPU and PLC, Leybold mechanical pump


The vacuum metallizer machine can metallize many kind of materials such as PET, OPP, CPP film for food packaging film, holographic film, hot stamping foil etc.


1. Roll system using high-precision tributaries or AC frequency converter is operating steadily, high-speed, without scratches and crease on the original sheet.
2. Tension control uses import statistics tension control system with the characteristics of tension constant and line speed constant.
3. The vacuum coating machine features high-power power supply, coating high efficiency and good uniformity of the film.
4. Each group sending wire system is controlled by independent computer motor, which can adjust speed separately or overall and speed display.
5. Sophisticated vacuum system configuration exhaust fast by use of PLC control.


Model PM1300 PM1750 PM2050-II PM2500-II PM3000-II
Maximum mm 1300 1750 2050 2500 3000
Maximum Rolling Diameter Φ800 to 1000 mm
Number of Evaporation Boats 16 20 24 30 34
Working Pressure 4×10-2Pa
Water Consumption(m3/h) 35 40 45 45 50
Average power Consumption (kW) 190 220 260 300 350
Metallised Materials PET: 8 to 40μm CPP: 18 to 50μm BOPP: 18 to 50μm
Maximum Rolling Speed 800 m/min
Annual Output (ton) 3000 5000 6500 8000 9500