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Morocco Packaging Film Vacuum Metallizer Machine

As the first supplier from China who sold packaging film vacuum metalizing machine to Africa market, this machine adopt rectangular type chamber for evaporating, also equips imported Germany Leybold pumps and Siemens motor and inverter and Chinese best brand parts like cooling system and cryogenic etc. which do our most effort to enlarge efficiency to customer.
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Packaging film vacuum metalizing machine evaporating boat - rectangular type, adopts man-machine interface and PLC control, complete function, brief and clear interface, every operation and parameter setting are all completed through the touch screen, so it reduces the complicated control panel, makes the operation and control of the equipment simple, accurate and humanity,our company adequately develops the advantage of military manufacturing, it has high precision of equipment manufacturing, stable operation, fast winding speed, quick evaporation rate.


Packaging film vacuum metalizing machine is mainly used in a variety of film like PET BOPP CPP surface treatment of metal for decoration, printing, textile, food, cigarette, anti-counterfeit, relective packaging, apparel and other industries. the equipment combines vacuum technology, refrigeration technology, mechanical transmission technology and control technology to adopt modern high-tech technology to develop it, it has been stable and reliable quality, high eeeciency, and low operational requirement of technical staff.


1 Good abrasion resistance
2 Easy to operate
3 24*7 after-service support
4 Environment-protect
5 Clear, anti-scratched visor
6 Comfortable interior


Model PM1300 PM2050 PM3000
Maxi width mm 1300 2050 3000
Maxi rolling diameter mm dia 800-1000mm dia 800-1000 mm dia 800-1000mm
No. of evaporation boat 16 24 34
Working pressure pa 4×10-2 Pa 4×10-2 Pa 4×10-2 Pa
Water consumption m3/h 35 45 50
Average power consumption kw 190kw 260kw 310kw
Maxi rolling speed 800m/miin 800m/min 800m/min
Average output ton 3000 ton 6500 ton 9500 ton