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Optical lens vacuum coating machine is one of the major applications of the vacuum chamber coating machine. Goldstone use worldwide advanced technology and high quality components to provide you the customizing and flexible total solutions.

Application of Optical Lens Vacuum Coater

The optical lens vacuum coating machine is applied on optical film and electric film coating process, and the glass, polymer, plastic and ceramic could be the available substrate for coating. With the different components and module, the machine can produce various products like accuracy optical lens, glasses lens, IR filter, AR coating, wide band filter, cold reflector, ITO conductive film, CPL lens, VCD film and laser film, etc.

Features of Optical Lens Vacuum Coater

1. Chambers
The chamber is made of stainless steel, and its structure has been optimized for best allocation of components for easy operation. The state-of-the-art manufacturing guarantees the perfect welding and vacuum sealing.
2. Polycold system
Optical lens vacuum coating machine uses the Polycold system to reduce the vacuum pumping time as well as increase vacuum degree.
3. Pumps
The pumping system sits on the back which makes the optical lens vacuum coater convenient to maintain, disassemble and clean. High efficient vacuum pump system guarantee the cycle time at any ultimate conditions on the coating machine.
4. Electric Beam Evaporation
The beam evaporator includes a high voltage power supply, an electric gun and the water-cooling crucible with cavities. The crucible could rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise.