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Pre-sale service

We provide vacuum coating technical proposal, case analysis of quoted price, etc. In addition, we also provide plating samples within a reasonable range for the customer On-purchase service
1. Let customer knowing the production schedules through timely reporting to them.
2. Finish the things that can be prepared in advance through consultation and coordination with customer.
3. The delivery cycle is decided by different products and its quantity. Generally, the delivery cycle of common coating equipment will be about three months at home, three and half months abroad.

After-sales service

1. We have built sound quality complaint handling procedures which allow every complaint about our product or service to be recorded and handled properly
2. In terms customers requirements, we would offer home-delivery service the first time.
3. All the products sold out enjoy one year warranty after installation and debugging success.
4. Within the warranty, if the component is damaged due to design or manufacturing, we would provide free replacement and assist to complete installation services accordingly.

Other special services

We will offer a bespoke service, proving free or paid production technical training service and installation ervices based on the actual situations.